Suzi and Alex

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Our Story

On one very serendipitous evening in Oxford, Ohio, Alex and Suzi both found themselves exploring the newest place to imbibe in town -- the back patio of "The Woods," aka "New New Bar." Though Suzi would have rather been in bed, and Alex would have rather been on the couch, they were both persuaded by friends to stay out, as it was the very last day of their senior year of college. Luckily, they both chose to go forth into that warm spring night, because that night was the rocket launcher that shot them into the galaxy of love. A conversation that started with a cigarette ended with an idea to somehow squeeze Suzi into Alex's trip to Wakarusa Music Festival 3 weeks later. Plans were hatched and although graduation was impending, the fates would have it that Suzi and Alex would end up together again. In a car packed from side to side and floor to ceiling, they drove all the way to Arkansas, much to Tim Bedford's annoyance. A weekend of music, dancing, and bringing their best friends together led to many many more weekends of the same. Although they lived 6 hours apart, they spent almost every weekend together that summer.

Then, it was time for Alex to move to Colorado for his first real job. Suzi thought they may never see each other again. Of course, Alex knew at this point that Suzi would never leave the mountains of Colorado if he could just get her there. He offered to fly her home one way if she would help him drive from Chicago to Denver. He was right. Within 1 week of returning from Colorado, she had packed up her belongings and was driving back, in a moment of recklessness that only comes when you have truly fallen in love. The next two years were filled with building a family in Colorado, marked by taco tuesdays, snowy weekends, bluegrass thursdays, and red rocks concerts. When it came time for Suzi to start medical school, Alex made the easy decision to follow her wherever she landed. Luckily, they landed in the PNW.

Medical school meant more seriousness and a lot more patience with one another. They explored a new land and slowly but surely made another home for themselves over the next four years. They were blessed by the rainy mornings, incredible thai food, winding rivers, snow-capped volcanoes, and an amazing group of friends in Oregon. And of course, they had their first child-- Piper Dog. Their most recent adventures have included Alex [finally] proposing at the top of the highest point on the east side of Portland and yet another cross country move. They have begun to create a new home in California where they have continued to hatch plans, dream big, and enjoy lattes and tacos.


2020 really threw us for a major loop. We have been reminded of what is most important in life time and time again. We hope with all of our hearts that the universe will allow us to safely reconvene by next October and we can celebrate the way we always imagined, with all of you with us. Please, stay safe in the meantime and love each other HARD. Let us not take anything for granted anymore.
Ashlee Townsend