Wedding Party

Caitlin Barnes


Suzi and Caitlin met the first day they set foot on Miami University's campus. They had every single class together as freshman, lived in the same dormitory in the same corridor, and Suzi spent the first night of college in Caitlin's twin bed because she got locked out of her room. They traveled to Tanzania together without chaperones at 19 years old and have encouraged each other to go after their dreams from afar ever since. Thanks to Caitlin, Suzi made it to class on time and learned to appreciate a fine wine.

Danielle Bushmaker


Dani has been a total rock, specifically a gem, particularly a diamond, since Suzi moved to Oregon. They have grooved their way across all the music venues in Portland, had slumber parties every weekend at Alex, Tim, and Mack's place, and realized the perfection of their Capricorn Cancer dynamic.

Jessica Fleming


Jessica is Suzi and Alex's local herbalist, professional dog trainer, queen of spontaneity, and mother of dragons, Martha, and Juniper. She was a complete lifeline to Suzi during medical school and they spent literal years sitting side by side studying their lives away together-- and wouldn't have had it any other way.

Kelley Matthews

Maid of Honor

Suzi's college bff and sorority sister. Their friendship started with an early morning botany class and led to a wide array of business endeavors, cross country road trips, shared apartments, and endless mutual love and support.

Lizzie Sullivan


Ever since a bartender accidentally mixed Suzi and Lizzie up, swapping their credit cards, they have been close. Sharing a love for reggae music, vegetables, animals, political justice, and finding beauty in the natural and man made, Lizzie has helped Suzi develop her passions and also helped her design this wedding (Thanks, Lizzie.)

Alison Toth


Ali is Suzi's chosen sister. They have woven through many phases of life together; from heavy lidded preteen years to sneaking out in high school to discovering meditation during college to endlessly contemplating life in their twenties, Ali has been the sound board for Suzi's thoughts, dreams, ideas, and ethical dilemmas.

Clair Hennessy


Clair has been there from the beginning of Suzi and Alex's relationship. She played a supportive role to both of them through different phases of life. She is Suzi's favorite golden retriever and is the life of the party. Look to Clair to welcome you with a grin and watch out for her on the dance floor! ( literally watch out, it's a minefield out there )

Paige Hyde


Paige has been the greatest new age bestie. Always down for an adventure, Paige and Suzi managed to spend over 30 days together in 2019 without living in the same place. Always on trend, always on point, look for Paige to welcome you with a refreshment and guide you to your seat.

Tim Bedford


Call it friendship at first sight. After meeting at Miami in 2010, Alex and Tim lived together both in college and in Portland. The amount of fun that they have had together over the years is second to none. Whether seeing live music, laughing hysterically late into the night at Bobby B jokes, or playing Catan, you can always count on Tim for a good time.

Adam Devers


If you've ever seen Alex bust a move on the dance floor, you have his older brother Adam to thank. At the age of 10, he taught him the funky elbows and heavily influenced his taste in music. Soon enough, they'll share the same hairline.

Philippe Giscard


After meeting in Portland through the live music scene, it was clear that Philippe and Alex would be great friends. Always ready for an adventure, Philippe and Alex push each other's physical limits on the bike or trail.

Mack Johnson


Mack and Alex met in Portland and bonded immediately after sharing in the groove of Trey Anastasio. It turns out they would find even more to bond over for the next 4 years, including fine waxed cotton, al pastor burritos, and sturdy steel bikes.

Kevin Mueller

Best Man

Kevin and Alex have been friends going all the way back to 1995 at Prairie Path Pre-School. As true life-long friends, they have shared countless spicy chicken biscuits before caddie loops, hundreds of competitive rounds of golf and more drives through the Ohio countryside than they can count.

Neill Nystrom


Alex's tallest friend. They first met while playing on the same youth soccer team in the 3rd grade. Neill's high energy, outrageous banter, and deep love of cooking extravagant meals has ensured that they will spend many more late nights and Top Chef marathons together.
Ashlee Townsend